Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Flower Madness.

Spring is in the air and soon summer will be in full bloom. Animals will be frolicking in the fields and the great British countryside will be bejewelled with a myriad vista of colours and flowers. The great spring rush of daffodils, snowdrops and bluebells will soon give way to a plethora of bountiful colours across the land.

Now traditionally there has always been three ways to go out and get yourself a bunch of flowers. The most obvious shopping route would be to head to the nearest florists, have a quick chat, get slightly confused and then let the lady at the counter pick a selection while you occasionally chuck in the odd name of a flower that you know. “Err Lilies?”… “Not for a wedding sir” replied the florist with a comforting, yet patronising voice.

Option two is of course to go and pick your own. This can have some unfortunate side effects thou, like obtaining some sort of fungal rash or getting chased from a field by a shotgun wielding Collie and group of farmers. Picking certain wild flowers is actually illegal and an operation such as flower picking must be handled with great care if you hope to avoid a ASBO or even possible jail-time.

Option three is even more disreputable and involves, wall jumping, a cemetery and a getaway car. Option three is a complete no-no people, it’s disrespectful and cheap. In light of this it’s probably best to go for option one or possible two at a push.

Of course nowadays with all this new fangled technology you can order your perfect bunch from the comfort of your own sofa. Several high street florists and retailer have now opened online flower shops where you can peruse at will, you can even find multiple guides on the net for choosing the right flowers for the right situation. You can also find great guides to British flowers and guides showing you which online flower shops are the best ones to go for.


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