Thursday, 2 April 2009

High-Tech Fashion

Once again we dip into the world of crazy fashion. This weeks’ video come from the realm of and features loads of bizarre and unique items from GPS shoes for prostitutes to LED wedding dresses to prosthetic lingerie for women who have undergone a mastectomy. I particularly like the white hippy dress with the interactive butterflies that move in time with your heart beat, a very cool innovation that brings fashion and technology together in one fell swoop. Another swish new item is the electronic umbrella that can visually display your photos under the parasol.

Trendhunter is great if you want to find out what’s hot, what’s cool and what is just downright strange. I love this climate change friendly furniture article about recycling old tyres into chairs, tables and beds. It’s great to see people taking the initiative and really doing something to help the environment. More companies need to diversify and expand down these eco-friendly routes.

More funky trends coming up next week… So stay tuned for more shoppa-dabba-do!


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