Monday, 27 April 2009

Racy Agent Provocateur Ad Provokes Mixed Reaction

News from the lingerie business continues to be good. News is especially good if you happen to a woman in Detroit who was miraculously saved after a bullet rebounded off her bra wiring. Aside from acts of god, sales in the industry continue to rise even amidst a global recession. Good news for those who have jobs in the industry (damn lucky people, working with bra models must be such a chore). Recent reports from Agent Provocateur suggest that sales have continued to grow by almost 10% since last March.

Fresh on their current success AP have released a new racy advert in an attempt to get bra enthusiasts really pumping. Agent Provocateur’s 2001 advert featuring Kylie on a bucking bronco is reputedly the greatest TV advert of all time, certainly gets a reaction off me every time I watch it. Here’s a quick glimpse for those of you who might have missed this one.

AP’s new advert features supermodel Karen Elson as queen of the sirens, intent upon eroding the virtues of young knights who happen to stray into the forest of wonders. Scantily clad lingerie models cavort with each other in a variety of pictures. There is also a saucy video which accompanies the ad campaign.

Agent Provocateur 'Call of the Sirens' Teaser - Click here for this week’s top video clips

However, internet inspectors and official geeks have managed to find a few flaws with AP’s new campaign. Take a look at this picture. Check out the extremely bad photo-shopping which has given the blonde the most bizarre looking arm and thigh I have ever seen. Full marks for sauciness, but D- for IT skillz.


  1. That Model just has extremely skinny arms, photoshop has not been used to alter them, full marks for arrogance, D for eyesight.

  2. Dear Mr Anonymous clearly my arrogance and eyesight arent as bad as your inaccurate presumptiveness. Here's a small wager for you if you can get your arm to bend like the blond girls then i'll pull the post. If you look closely at the blonds left arm you will notice that she has no forearm bone and her arm and wrist blend into one smooth curve which i submit is also impossible. Go ahead try it! I will also suggest that you look at this thread and then apologise profusely for your innane, unfounded and dumb comment.