Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Game on!

So this week it’s the big E3 game expo and a fun time shall be had by all. Hundreds of software companies, gamer reporters, geeks and nerds flock to the E3 every year to get the latest scoops on all the newest games and gaming technology. If you look around the expo you can see slick haired nerds rubbing their hands everywhere, some of them might actually be drooling a bit. But that’s ok there’s plenty of sights to get even the holiest of virgin gamers hot under the collar.

One of the most unique revelations so far from this year’s E3 comes from the OS monopolists Microsoft. In attempt to take Wii over their knee and spank them good and proper, Microsoft has unveiled their new Natal Xbox360 control system. The Natal is totally hands free and relies upon motion sensors and face recognition technology. The demonstration video is truly amazing and really shows how far gaming technology can go. Take a quick look and I think you will agree it’s impressive and although the test scenario is a bit lame, the sheer scope of what it will allow gamers and game designers to do will be of epic proportions.

Microsoft tried to pull another rabbit of a hat by introducing their new version of Rock Band featuring the Beatles. Both George Harrison and Paul McCartney joined the dev team on stage to promote the newest version.

However, this has got to be my choice moment of E3 so far. Yes Bioware are back and it looks like they intend to kick some serious *ss with Star Wars: The Old Republic. It’s going to be one of the most eagerly awaited Mmorpgs ever and if the trailer is anything to go by it’s going to go absolutely massive. Take a look at the site and check out this awesome trailer. Bioware we salute you!


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