Monday, 11 May 2009

Shop of the day!

I’m gonna try and mix it up a little on Shoppa-Dabba-Do from now on. Everday we at Shoppa headquarters are going to scan through web in order to bring the latest, craziest most beat-boxing funkiest gadgets and gizmo’s we can find from across the world.

So to start with here’s our pick of the day! Ever wanted to be a spy? How about a bit of a perv :(? Well yes here’s what you always wanted a pin hole camera tie! Apart from the bad print it’s almost unnoticeable and it comes with USB and 2gig’s of storage space, great for all you wannabe 007’s! A word of warning thou in my experience of digital editing 2gig’s is not a great deal so don’t expect it to last long. Average recording time may only last a couple of minutes and I’ve yet to see any images so I have no idea on the supposed quality.

$66 available from Brando

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