Friday, 20 March 2009


Mmm Bra’s

Like most men I have a small love/hate relationship with lingerie. My love for it of course comes from looking at beautiful women wearing scantily clad clothes; where as my dislike for it comes from trying to peel it off and from having been dragged through numerous department store lingerie sections and feeling completely out of place. The only time a man is ever in a lingerie section is when he’s attempting to purchase a present for his Mrs’ and when out shopping with his girl. Often you see guys just standing around looking bemused and trying not to stare. Entering a lingerie section is often like landing on a different planet for men.

Over the last decade the lingerie market has exploded. The internet has allowed young designers and small companies to expand and compete with some of their biggest rivals. Reports indicate that the UK lingerie market is worth an estimated 2.37bn and has expanded by 16.5% since 2004. Recent information suggests that the lingerie market is also recession proof as sales have risen a further 12% within the last 3 months.

Top 5 Online Lingerie retailers

Agent provocateur : Some extremely unique and stunningly designed items, well worth a look at.

Marks and Spencers : Great prices and a good selection with some elegant and stylish ranges.

Knicker Picker : Must admit I love this site! The flash model viewer is a great idea, choose
your girl and choose your style, spin 'em and see what it would be really like to wear.

Body Lingerie : Great American site with a huge selection with some very kinky items.

Pampered Passions : Another great American site with lots to pick and choose from, altogether very nice.

LoL – I must admit researching this was a hard task (there’s no smut involved, it’s just a statement), but there are some excellent sites out there. Two sites I would like to particularly mention are Lingerie League and Lingerie Post. The LFL is perhaps Americas greatest sport invention, yep you got it it’s the Lingerie Football League. is an incredibly informative and well presented lingerie blog with lots of the latest and hotest chic designs from all across the world.


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